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Seismic Services

Our team members are involved in every aspect of an explorations play including the preliminary program developments such as identifying and navigating through local provincial and federal regulation and requirements – obtaining seismic exploration work permits from landowners and governmental agencies all the way through selecting and managing the Field Crews in their quest to acquire Seismic Data for successful mineral exploration plays .

Through our Principal Project Management Team, Geotir Inc., Unity Exploration Services Inc. receives Seismic Programs Information for the purpose to obtain subsurface geophysical seismographic information of an area of interest that may contain hydro carbon deposits or other minerals.

What specific services does Unity provide ?

There is always a short answer and a long answer

Short answer:

When our team receives Seismic Programs Information

We ask three questions:

1.Where do you want your program

2. When do you want your program

3. What is the budget for your program

We then facilitate and deliver the product on time and on budget . Simple.

Long answer:

The ultimate success of a program is a reflection of the Team's ability to arrive at the appropriate Risk Assessment and Cost analysis. The calibre of professionalism combined with years of experience have helped us provide our clients with a realistic report on the three program questions of where – when and how much, before an actual plan is executed.

Our services

Field Scouts

Not often can a program be considered for field data acquisition without a proper field scout. This scout helps to determine associated cost due to accessibility, terrain conditions and stakeholders interest.

Create interactive program working maps

Our Geomatics department integrates acquisition field data, modelling, analysis, and management of spatially referenced data, i.e. data identified according to their locations. Based on the scientific framework of geodesy, it uses terrestrial, airborne, and satellite-based sensors to acquire spatial and other data. It includes the process of transforming spatially referenced data from different sources into common information systems with well-defined accuracy characteristics.

Unity gathers information on field inventory that that clearly identifies landowners boundaries underground facilities , buildings , hazards and other restricted area. We create practical Field Working Maps and Logistical Management - and Final Program Maps

Stakeholders Consultation Permitting and Approvals

Unity assists in the process of obtaining stakeholders approval and permission to conduct work on their lands. This includes permitting stake holders such as landowners and lessees .

Preliminary digital program submission files

Unity specializes in using computer assisted drawing and design tools and software to submit preliminary digital program submission files for approval to the Provincial Government.

Geomatic Survey to lay out of program lines for line clearing , drilling and recording

Unity employs and supervises survey crews who conduct a seismic geomatic survey and mark program lines for line clearing , drilling and or vibroseis which ultimately facilitate the recording of energy reflective waves. All this information is gathered for the purpose of providing a data analysis centre with digital seismographic information to determine possible presence of specific mineral deposits.

Seismic Exploration Logistics , Field Supervision and Crew Support.

Unity Exploration Services Ltd. has Field Managers and Administrators who monitor and control the Field Crews Efficiency and Safety. All aspect of data acquisition is executed and documented following rules and regulations according to the Red Book developed by Geotir Inc.

Unity Exploration Services Ltd. has developed a unique Seismic Exploration Information System (SEIS) software to facilitate optimum Data Collaboration and Accountability for all participants throughout the entire Program Life. This include program changes, centralized command Center Information Exchange bulletin, a secure portal for Data Retrieval and Submission.

Line inspection quality control after program completion

Unity conducts post program field inspections as a quality control tool and as per requirement for submitting final program data files to the geophysical exploration branch of the government .

Submission of Digital Final Program Files to the government

Unity prepares all Post Plot Final Program Maps and Post Plot Digital program files to the government.